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Innomed Forum is held by the Penza Region Government together with Federal Government authorities. It is one of the main events in the Medical Industry and Healthcare.

The Forum is annually attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Committee of Health Protection of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Executive bodies of State authority of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Association of clusters and Technoparks, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Skolkovo Foundation, Association of the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, Head Doctors of Medical Institutions and Centers of Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Endoprosthetics and also representatives of Industrial Enterprises, Development Institutions, Public and Professional Associations.


Improving the quality of life through the development of the production of high-tech medical devices in the Russian Federation.


  • - demonstration of scientific and industrial achievements of developers and manufacturers of high-tech medical devices
  • - constructive dialogue on the production development and use of high-tech medical products in the Healthcare system
  • - search for solutions to overcome organizational and financial barriers during the implementation of projects in the Medical Industry



Временно исполняющий обязанности Губернатора Пензенской области


Заместитель Министра Министерства промышленности и торговли Российской Федерации

Павлюков Дмитрий Юрьевич

Заместитель руководителя Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере здравоохранения (Росздравнадзор)

Иванов Игорь Владимирович

Генеральный директор ФГБУ "Национальный институт качества" Росздравнадзора

Николаев Николай Станиславович

Главный врач ФГБУ «Федеральный центр травматологии, ортопедии и эндопротезирования»

Ivan Ozhgikhin

Chairman of the Board of Medial Technique Consortium

Grigory Ivliev

General Director of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property

Vadim Dubrov

Chief traumatologist and orthopedist, Head of the department Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University

Leonid Brizhan

Member of the Organizing Committee of the First Eurasian Orthopedic Forum, Head of the Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics main Military Clinical Hospital named after Burdenko, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor

Nikolay Zagorodniy

Head of the Department of FSBI “National Medical Research Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after N.N.Priorov”of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medicine Science, Professor

Nikolay Karyakin

Rector of the FSBEI HE “Privolzhsky Research Medical University”

Andrey Shpilenko

Director of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia

Астапенко Елена Михайловна

Директор Департамента лекарственного обеспечения и регулирования обращения медицинских изделий, Министерство здравоохранения РФ


Заместитель генерального директора Фонда содействия инновациям/p>


Президент Всероссийского общественного Совета фармацевтической и медицинской промышленности


Генеральный директор АНО "Институт регионального развития" - управляющая компания НОЦ "Инженерия будущего"


Первый Вице-Президент Общероссийской общественной организации малого и среднего предпринимательства «ОПОРА РОССИИ»









Cardiovascular Surgery Federal Center

Penza State University

International Cooperation PenzGTU

Ostec Corporate Group


SteriPack Service



Талан Медикал Индастри

Ассоциация Аэрокосмических Инженеров


Лазерный центр


Натуральная косметика Greenmade




Аксион Медтехника


НТК Солтек



Sergey Tsyb

First Deputy Minister of Industry and trade of the Russian Federation

INNOMED in Penza city is one of the key events that we will actively support and develop in the future, involving an increasing number of regions and specialists in this field in this process. It is a unique platform that brings together researchers, medical device manufacturers and doctors who can directly discuss the main issues. It is important for us to raise at the regional level the most important tasks facing the Russian industry as a whole, and in this case - facing the manufacturers of medical products and medicines.

Alexey Alekhin

Director of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development Department

We are faced with a difficult task which is to increase repeatedly the export of non-raw materials products. [...] We are currently thinking about how to help our companies gain a foothold in these markets. INNOMED is the platform where we share experience, enrich ourselves intellectually, strengthen unity and establish partnership in the medical industry.

Tsukanov Denis

Deputy Director of the Department of regional industry policy and project management of the Ministry of industry and TRADE of Russia

At such an event, various enterprises of the pharmaceutical and medical industries can meet in order to discuss the issues that have accumulated over the year, ask questions to the regional Government and the Federal Center. It is possible to Express initiatives that could form the basis of changes in legislation, as well as the basis for the creation of new support measures at the Federal level. We hope that by the end of this year we will see the first projects that we will be able to support within the work of tools to support the industrial clusters of the Ministry.

Ruslan Altaev

Acceleration Director at Biomedical Technologies Cluster

The atmosphere of the Forum is very conducive to business communication, to creating new contacts. The exhibition presents a large number of developments. I was in Penza 3 years ago, and, of course, during this time there have been very big changes. [...] Indeed, the Center for Preclinical Studies is a very popular and necessary service in Russia. There are not so many places in our country where it is possible to conduct preclinical studies on large animals at a professional level.

Evdokimov Sergey

Managing Director of JSC NPP MedEng

The forum was great. There were so many interesting meetings. A highly productive discussion took place with government representatives. So I think that after these meetings there will be a very big benefit for all participants. And most importantly, of course, there were meetings between manufacturers, colleagues, we will say so, in our difficult work in the fight against competitors, in order for our medical industry was at the highest global level.

Alexander Smirnov

CEO of the Association of Defense Industry Organizations - manufacturers of medical devices and equipment

I visited almost all INNOMED Forums, saw these events in dynamics. This Forum has become a Forum of Federal significance. It is very important and necessary. Many experts speak very well about this Forum and say that new ideas and new interactions arise here at the forum.

Gabriel Kochof

Ambassador of the Republic of Benin in the Russian Federation

Business meetings held within the forum were productive, especially interesting was the exhibition of innovations and medical technologies. We hope, in our common forces, to find the best use for them for the health, well-being of our citizens and the development of partnerships between our peoples.

Michail Dralin

Chairman of the Board of the Kuznetsky Bank

Participation in the INNOMED-2013 Forum has a strategic character. Our main task as a financial institution is to promote innovative developments and support promising projects and undertakings, especially in the Penza region. Financing of the regional business working in the field of innovations will allow many enterprises to enter the Federal and international markets. This, therefore, will contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the region, which, of course, will have a positive impact on the general standard of living of the population in the region.


Производство и поставка изделий медицинского назначения


ПАО «Красногорский завод им. С.А. Зверева»

«Опора России» Пензенское региональное отделение


Министерство здравоохранения Российской Федерации

Министерство экономического развития Российской Федерации

Правительство Пензенской области

Промышленный кластер Пензенской области «БИОМЕД»

Центр кластерного развития Пензенской области

Ассоциация кластеров и технопарков


Пензенское региональное объединение бизнес-инкубаторов

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